Ajani Kambon, was born in Fort Riley, Kansas. As an only child growing up in a military environment, Ajani grew up travelling to various places including those outside of the United States. Writing was always a favorite and at age 12, he wrote his 1st poem entitled, "Increase the Peace,” which laid the foundation for the path he would take as a social activist, public speaker, poet, author, and more. He holds a BS degree in Economics from Prairie View A&M University. Basketball captain, All SWAC honors, 1st degree black belt in martial arts,  8 years experience in mental health field as a day treatment counselor for kids, psycho-social rehabilitative specialists for adults, and psychiatric residential treatment facility counselor for children. Ajani Kambon is the Founder/CEO of Melanin Enhancement Enterprises, LLC, a framework upon which he hopes to further his goals. His first children's book, Najir and the Teaching Fruit, was the start of the Ajani Reader Series. The book was illustrated by Fuze Namid and published in December of 2017. Ajani also wrote his first album released in June 2017, Pieces of M.E., and released his second studio album, Concrete Abstractions in 2018 which featured the hit single, "Chocolate Rose.” He is currently working on his third album with the recent release of it’s first hit single and music video, "Touching You.” He has featured in numerous live performances including musical performances, poetry events, panel discussions and stage plays. He went on to host his first live event, “Peace to the Revolution,” which successfully celebrated the arts, history, and the accomplishments of great African American leaders that walked before him. 
He continues to use his voice as a way of connecting with the community, uplifting and impacting change amongst his people. He speaks weekly about such topics on the live podcast from the Pippin Hot team, "United Cypher.” He has also recently released his second book in the Ajani Reader series, "The Day Mo Stood Up.” A brilliantly written and illustrated story that shines a light on bullying in schools. Through his writing of both books and music, he hopes to continue to share his vision and purpose.